Airports near Doctors Lake

33 airports found

Baine Airport
Baptist Medical Center Heliport
Baptist Medical Center/Beaches Heliport
Berlin Heliport
Blackcreek International Heliport
Byrd Air Field
Carriage Club of Jacksonville Heliport
Craig Municipal Airport
Deep Forest Airport
Doctors Lake Seaplane Base
Flagler Hospital Heliport
FPC Heliport
Haller Airpark
Herlong Airport
Jacksonville International Airport
Jacksonville Police Heliport
Jacksonville Pre-Trial Detention Facility Heliport
Keystone Airpark
Keystone Airpark
Memorial Medical Center of Jacksonville Heliport
Mosquito Control Heliport
Revels Strip
Reynolds Airpark
Saint Augustine Airport
Saint Lukes Hospital Heliport
Saint Vincents Medical Center Heliport
Spencers Airpark
State Prison Field
Sunshine Farms Airport
Thrifts Airport
Travel Lodge Heliport
University Hospital Heliport
Williams Field
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